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  • Together We Can Build
  • Together We Can Build

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Bu doh kan

In Japanese, budokan is a martial arts hall. The most famous one is Tokyo's Nippon Budokan, a large arena originally constructed for the 1964 Olympic judo competition. Budo meaning the "way of the warrior" embodies not only the practice of the physical discipline, but also the moral values of respect, peace, and humility.

The youth are our community's future

BoLA is a gathering place for our young people, a place to play sports, socialize, develop skills, and connect to the Little Tokyo community.

Home court for all

BoLA provides needed recreation space in Little Tokyo and the downtown community, a range of activities for everyone of all ages.

A vital community project for Little Tokyo

BoLA contributes to the future vitality of one of the three remaining Japantowns in the US, providing a place to participate in a range of cultural and community experiences, and an entry to the rich resources, history and culture of Little Tokyo.


- Two indoor basketball courts that convert to a championship center court with NBA backboards and floor, donated by the Los Angeles Lakers
- Martial arts tournament space
- Commercial kitchen
- Community rooms for classes, meetings and activities
- Rooftop park/garden that can be used as a special event space, capacity for 500 people
- Community garden


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